Soldering is the most important skill in electronics. Soldering is used to combine two metals with an metal alloy(aka solder) to hold these metals in a good contact and keep away oxidize. When you start soldering yourcomponents and soldering iron can already oxidized then the parts and soldering iron are cleaned with flux. For soldering there is used a wery hot soldering iron or a soldering station. If you start soldering you take your soldering iron and touch the copmonent or on PCB-s(printed circuit board) the pad lightly, other case you can damage the area, and then ad a bit of solder.

Tools used for soldering:

soldering iron

soldering iron stand



desoldering pump

needlenose pliers and other types of pliers

wire cutters(aka snips)

tweezers for smaller details

solder wick

helping hands tool(not recommended)

wire strippers (automatic or manual ones)

multimeter(aka tester) to test components

magnifying class

a good light source

a fume extractor

Of course there are alot more toolsthan only those but these are the most common ones.